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Cowboy Boots and Green Bananas: The Secrets of a Top Trainer and B-Complete©

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DATE POSTED:March 1, 2024

Sponsored by Banana Feeds Australia

Head south through Sanger, Texas, and an impressive fiberglass model of the late prepotent Quarter Horse stallion, Smart Chic Olena, rises into view, marking the entrance to the Babcock Ranch. Beyond the gate bustles a busy working ranch, complete with five major industry studs, a thirty-five horse show barn, and Jim Babcock himself holding the reins.

Come around the ranch at feeding time, and you’ll see Jim’s latest addition to his high performance horses’ feed rations – B-Complete©, a dried green banana equine digestive supplement, by Banana Feeds Australia.

As the sixth leading breeder in the western competition industry, Jim is a no-nonsense horseman of the old school, with a friendly smile and a kind word to say to anyone who crosses his path (particularly anyone who shares his enthusiasm for horses and country life). But when it comes to equine feed supplements, Jim is one tough customer.

Throughout his fifty years in the horse business, Jim has never endorsed a feed or supplement.

“I tend to be skeptical of feed supplements for horses. I’ve tried many through the years, and usually never notice any difference in the horses after using them. That said, sometimes I wish I had something that could give a little boost to my performance horses and studs, so after hearing about B-Complete© from a friend of a friend, and being offered some samples, I thought I would give it a try.”

Left to right: Jim Sullivan, Kim Sullivan, Jim Babcock, Heather Cole, Kelly Ray, Fred Oden, Melonie Jutte, Jeff Jutte

Jim selected a 12-year-old stallion, El Senor Red, to trial the first bucket. It was three weeks before the 2022 Farnam AQHA World Championship and “Red”, trained and ridden by Kelly Rey, was preparing to compete in the Ranch Riding Class.

Jim and Kelly were quickly impressed with the results.

“El Senor Red’s hair coat changed, becoming glossy,” notes Jim. “He had more energy and his stamina improved all while maintaining a level head and completing a flawless run in the amateur ranch riding class, earning the title 2022 Farnam Amateur Ranch Riding World Champion.”

Throughout 2023, Red’s diet was supplemented only with B-Complete©. He continued his winning streak through the spring and into summer while also beginning  During this time, Red also began his second job as a stallion in the breeding barn at the Babcock Ranch.

At the end of the summer, Red earned the prestigious AQHA Superior Ranch Riding Award, and qualified in four classes across two divisions for the 2023 Farnam AQHA World Championship Show

Jim now uses B-Complete© on several of his horses and is seeing similar results as in Red. Additionally, Jim resonates with the whole brand ethos of B-Complete© and has from the very start.

“Red” and Jim in the barn at the Babcock Ranch. Red eagerly awaits his daily scoop of B-Complete.

“B-Complete© has made the difference in Red’s performance”, Jim avows. “He had the energy to be successful in the breeding barn and the show ring. Best of all, his mind remained focused and calm. I recommend B-Complete© for any horse needing improvement in energy, stamina, and overall condition.”

Banana Feeds Australia, manufacturer of B-Complete©, is a small, family business with deep-rooted values, integrity, and a passion for nourishing horses while preserving the planet.

B-Complete©, is a single-ingredient, premier equine gut health supplement made entirely from dried green bananas which acts as a powerful prebiotic to nourish the microbiome of the equine hindgut. B-Complete© is also a natural source of important electrolytes, potassium and magnesium, as well as antioxidant nutrients ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and tocopherols (vitamin E). No fillers, no flavors, no preservatives. Made exclusively from locally grown North Australian bananas farmed to one of the highest standards of banana growing practices in the world, B-Complete© utilizes every part of the green banana; the flesh, skin, stem, and flower end, each component delivering its own unique composition of nutrients in a completely natural plant form which is appropriate for feeding to horses.

“We at Banana Feeds Australia are honored to have Jim on our team as a loyal ‘B-Completer’—and more importantly—as a friend.”

Tags: energy small

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